Why Choose PowerKure

Why Choose the PowerKure System?

PowerKure ShopWe have a manufacturing facility where we design and build the PowerKure Systems to the specific needs of each client based on data collected at the specific facility. Each and every PowerKure System is manufactured in Stoney Creek, ON Canada.

We have been very successful in gaining approval from the Save On Energy incentive program with several utility providers in Ontario. Our product is often approved for participation in incentive programmes and we are able to assist client with the application process for these incentive programmes.

PowerKure System PieceWe work with the clients when applying for the incentive programs and have been very successful in obtaining funds for clients. The completion of the application is part of our full-service, turn-key operation.

All of our components are of the highest quality and have met all North American or international safety standards. Each component of the PowerKure System is safety inspected and certified. Each main PowerKure System is equipped with TVSS protection and each TVSS component has a 10-year guarantee.

We offer online monitoring systems using existing PowerKure processors.

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