PowerKure System ControllerBenefits of a PowerKureTM System

  • The PowerKure System is a power conditioner
  • A Certified Electriction and C.E.C. oversees every project
  • We can perform energy audit services
  • We design each project according to the specific needs of the client
  • We can monitor and target equipment
  • We are a commissioning agent
  • We can provide consulting services
  • We supply our own products and/or services
  • We have presented at information seminars/conferences/trade shows
  • We provide a turn-key approach to each project and provide all services from start to finish

Hard Benefits

  • Less total plant KVA for the same KW working power;
  • More KW working power for the same KVA demand;
  • Improved voltage regulation due to reduced line voltage drop;
  • Reduction in size of transformers, cables and switchgear in new installations or increase the existing power transmission systems’ capacity;
  • Reduced power losses in distribution systems such as transformers, power cables, switchgears, etc. so that it can get KW demand and KWH consumption reduction;
  • Eliminate the penalty charge while improving power factor for electrical system;
  • Decrease production losses and downtime of operation through improving power quality.

Soft Benefits

  • Reactive power savings (KVAR);*
  • Apparent power savings (KVA);*
  • Lengthens and enhance electrical equipment life;
  • Improves performance of equipment;
  • Protects sensitive electronic equipment;
  • Reduces equipment replacement parts;
  • Protects the environment by reducing emission and waster generation;
  • Improves safety – lower temperature of cables, generators, motors, and transformers, and eliminate over-heated neutrals;

* depending upon utility billing structure, it may be hard savings.