PowerKureTMĀ Systems Approaches to Power Quality

PowerKureTM is a custom engineered solution designed to minimize and / or eliminate all the unique power quality problems at a facility. Our approach to power quality is based on the following activities:

clipboard audit iconAudit

During the electrical systems audit, we collect electrical power quality data from the customer’s facility, such as voltage, current, power factor, harmonics, recent continuous 12 months of utility bills, transformer nameplate data, etc.

proposal iconProposal

According to audit data, PowerKure provide the proposal with an approximated system size, the equipment cost with an estimated installation cost including the various benefits and the estimated electrical energy savings once the equipment is installed.

wrench design analysisDesign System & Analysis

This survey is a more detailed version of the original survey based on link measurements. At this stage, PK identify a more economical or effective method to address the problem(s) and savings; determine the location at the site where the PowerKureTM System will be connected and determine breakers/disconnects, cables, and conduit sizes required for installation.

tools system design iconInstallation

PowerKure’sTM authorized licensed ESA Certified electrical contractor, or the customer’s electrician, will install the required switchgear, breakers, disconnects, cables, etc. PowerKureTM will then assist the electrician with the placement of the actual PowerKureTM units.

deployment installation iconCommission Measurements and M&V Report

Once installed, PowerKureTM will measure and tune the PowerKure System for optimal performance, and then commission measurements will be taken for the M&V report, which presents performance evaluation of the PowerKureTM System at your facility.