Active Harmonics Filter

Active Power Filter Inside ViewActive power filter is a new power electronic plant automatically tracking the change of the harmonic wave in the power grid with highly controllable and fast response. It can be used for eliminating harmonics, compensating reactive power, especially restraining changed size and frequency harmonics and compensating changed reactive power. Active power filter overcome traditional passive filter defects such as poor filter effect, prone to resonance, filter the fixed number harmonics, and have a good effect for filtering and compensation of various transient impact loads.

Active Power Filter Outside View

Its main functions are as following:

  • Improve power quality, reduce energy consumption, and provide perfect power supply quality;
  • Effectively cure impact type and mixed type harmonic, eliminate 2~50 order harmonics, and can set compensation harmonic order and capacity as needed;
  • Compensate reactive power, and improve power factor;
  • Compensate three phase unbalanced.