• What is PowerKureTM System?

    PowerKureTM is an energy saving and power quality system. It saves energy by up to 34% (nominal) with paybacks of less than two years while filtering surges and harmonics, stabilizing voltage, and protecting equipment and machinery. The PowerKureTM System comprises a combination of components which include Inductors, Reactors, Capacitors, Resistors, Filters, Contactors, Fuses, Self Diagnostic Feature (SDF) and in some cases, a PowerKureTM Regulator, a device which is capable of monitoring and controlling such as a microprocessor. These are the typical electrical components assembled into a switchboard cubical. The unique features of the PowerKureTM System are achieved by the design of the system and its Ladder Logic response.

  • What approach do you take for us?

    We actually test and measure your electrical load during the course of the plant's normal operation. We then collect a copy of your past twelve months electric bills to draw a concise picture of the plant's load profile. From this information, we determine both the electrical characteristics, as well as the load behaviour. After we evaluate this information, and upon the acceptance, we run the "Link Analysis" of each branch circuit. This information determines our exact approach to address all of the problems and improvements for your plant. We then program this data into our PowerKureTM Regulator which then reacts to the plant's load conditions.

  • Why should I let you take measurements in our plant / building?

    From the measurement data taken, we are able to point out the areas in your plant where energy is being wasted. These information and related electrical readings/data will be analyzed, and from which a computer generated comprehensive report will result. In conjunction with the technical information, we include a cost/payback schedule. At the time of our presentation, we will go over the entire report with you, answering any and all of your questions. If you wish, your engineering staff or utility representatives may be present at that time, to help verify our claims and projected savings.

  • Should the plant be down for you to take your readings?

    No. As a matter of fact, the closer to the normal operation, while we are taking the measurement, the more accurate the results will be.

  • What does the PowerKureTM System do?

    The PowerKureTM System provides the following Standard/Optional Features and Benefits to an electrical distribution system:
    1. Improves and stabilizes voltage supplied to the load, thereby minimizing heat generation. This results in energy savings, improved production and increased equipment efficiency and longevity.
    2. Reduces phase current and balances the load over the three phases based on X/R and Z, reducing negative voltage sequences and circulating currents, resulting in reduced equipment maintenance and failure
    3. Shields against an infinite number of surges, transients, and spikes, thereby protecting your investment in the plant and equipment while saving money.
    4. Filters Broadband Harmonics, resulting in increased equipment longevity while proportionally reducing the effect of harmonics on monthly electric bills. Reduces line, eddy current and hysteresis losses, thereby reducing the kilowatt demand and kilowatt hour consumption.
    5. Improves power factor by reducing reactive and apparent power through damped response, increasing system efficiency and eliminating possible related charges while reducing line losses (I2R). Optimizes power factor and requires only a fraction of the standard capacitor banks normally needed, but without any deleterious side effects.
    6. Releases distribution's wasted KVA capacity, thereby allowing additional loads without requiring oversizing of the transformer or electrical switchgear size.

    1. Brownout Protection - Brownout protection maintains and increases voltage over that supplied by the transformer during temporary low line voltage.
    2. Intermittent Supply Failure Protection - Supplies continuous voltage during short duration intermittent supply failure and line switching.
    3. Specific Harmonics Filtering - Filters specific and multiple harmonics such as third, fifth, seventh... to a non-destructive level, resulting in energy savings, improved production and increased equipment efficiency and longevity.

  • How does the PowerKureTM System reduce the KWD and KWH?

    The utility meter reads the highest phase reading or area under the curve and identifies all the energy under the curve. The PowerKureTM System reduces KW Demand and KWH through the following:
    a. Stabilizing and improving voltage, thereby increasing system efficiency and reduced running temperature of the load.
    b. Balancing the three phases based on X/R, thereby reducing negative voltage sequence and circulating currents and improving system efficiency.
    c. Filtering surges, transients, and broadband harmonics, thereby reducing True RMS component of power.
    d. Reducing line, Eddy current, and Hysteresis losses, thereby increasing system efficiency.
    e. Improving Power Factor, thereby increasing system efficiency while reducing distribution losses.

  • If anything happens to the PowerKureTM System, will we lose operation time?

    No. Provisions are taken so that it would be almost impossible for the PowerKureTM to fail completely, or disrupt or jeopardize the plant's operation because of parallel installation(s) both internally and externally. Should there be an unlikely event of failure of the PowerKureTM System, it is designed to isolate itself immediately from the electrical system.

  • What savings will the PowerKureTM System provide?

    The PowerKureTM System can deliver power savings of up to 34% of the existing electric utility costs without reducing any existing load. Furthermore, savings resulting from the elimination of down time and equipment failure, elimination of maintenance expenses and elimination of penalty charges due to poor Power Factor are all "BONUSES".

  • How can we be sure that we are getting the savings after the PowerKureTM System is installed.

    The savings in energy consumption will become obvious as soon as the PowerKureTM System is switched on. An Amp meter can be installed in any or all of the phases and as the PowerKureTM System is switched on and off, the Amp meter will reflect the increase and decrease in the current being drawn and therefore the system's savings. This is on a real time basis. Further, the same set of measurement can be taken with the PowerKureTM System "ON" and "OFF". Results are apparent. All PowerKureTM models are already equipped with its own Amp and Power Factor meter.

  • Do you guarantee the savings?

    Yes we do. If all matters remain as they were at the time of measurement and design and based on conditions addressed in "Verification of PowerKureTM Savings", we guarantee the savings indicated on the "Savings Profile" sheet and the breakdowns of benefits listed therein and contained in your proposal or we will pay you back the difference.