Who is PowerKure?

PowerKure Solutions Limited is a subsidiary of Milan Electric Ltd., an electrical contracting company founded by Milan Ferletic in 1976.

Seeing a need for the development of a system to effectively and economically optimize power quality, Milan created PowerKure Solutions in 1997 to fulfill this need and provide guaranteed power savings. PowerKure Solutions Limited has since become a leader in the power quality/power savings industry.

What is the PowerKure System and What Does it do?

The PowerKure System uses Zigzag reactors associated with capacitors and resistance, consisting of the passive power filter bank, which is superior to traditional capacitor bank. In addition, PowerKure offers a custom engineered design solution to effectively and economically optimize power quality, and provide guaranteed energy savings through reductions in KVA, KW and KWH.














Typically-Guaranteed Savings on Electrical Consumption and KW Demand Charge from 1% to 3%; If we include power factor surcharge saving and KVA demand charge in some cases, the saving profile could be up 10% by using PowerKure satellites to treat many problems closer to actual loads.


PowerKure Systems can correct up to 11 electrical power problems found in industrial, commercial and institutional facilities:

  • Voltage & Current Imbalance Problems
  • Totally Eliminate High Harmonics Issues with our Active Harmonics Filter
  • Voltage Transients or Surge Problems with our new PowerSORB TVSS
  • Voltage fluctuations and Flickering
  • Mitigating in-Rush Currents
  • Overheated Transformer
  • Nuisance Tripping Breakers
  • Power Factor Penalty
  • High Electricity Bills Due to KVA/KVAR Charge
  • Waste on Maintenance Due to Poor Power Quality