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Reducing Energy Consumption Through Power Quality Improvement

PowerKure™ Solutions

PowerKure Solutions Limited has been contributing to energy reduction and cost through Power Quality for over 20 years, and completed many projects globally.

Developed by a team of highly qualified electrical engineers. Each PowerKure system is designed to the client’s specific needs and is built to correct and “re-cycle” losses from up to twelve different problems that are found in industrial, commercial and institutional facilities. PowerKure is a modular system engineered to effectively and economically optimize power quality, providing guaranteed energy savings, through reductions in power demand and power consumption. (KVA/KW and KWH).

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Power Quality Power $avings

The PowerKure system corrects up to twelve electrical power problems found in industrial, commercial and institutional facilities.

  • Voltage Balancing
  • Current Balancing
  • Mitigating In-Rush Currents
  • Stabilizing Over-voltage & Under-voltage
  • Minimizing Voltage Flicker
  • Swell & Sag Mitigation
  • Transient Suppression
  • Impulse & Spike Protection
  • Broadband Harmonics Filtration with our new product, the Active Harmonic Filter
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Brownout Protection
  • Momentary Supply Interruption Protection

Guaranteed savings on electrical consumption and demand charges from 2% to 6%

Actual savings potential as high as 18%

Why Choose PowerKure

  • Our manufacturing facility designs and builds PowerKure systems to the specific needs of each client.
  • PowerKure systems are designed following a detailed energy audit to reveal maximum potential savings.
  • Our product is often approved for participation in incentive programmes and we are able to assist client with the application process for these incentive programmes. We have had particular success with obtaining grants from the SaveOnEnergy programme.
  • We provide a complete turnkey service from consultation to deployment to ensure your PowerKure solution performs as expected.
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A Complete Turnkey Solution

PowerKure handles it all from consultation to completion.

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Exceeding expectations for clients at home and across the globe.

Since the installation of the PowerKure solution at our facility we have seen an annual KWH usage reduction of approximately 6.5% resulting in an annual cost savings of approximately $30,000. These savings exceeded our expectations. The work was completed in a safe and timely manner...

Vince Penney, Manager Manufacturing Services and Infrastructure, ARaymond Hamilton

The predicted savings of the PowerKure system before implementation was approximately 6,600. With the actual savings of $16,50, one can see that the system exceeded expectations by 2.5 times. With these savings, and the cost of the system at just over $27,000, the resulting payback period is approximately 1.65 years

Mike Schmidtler, General Manager, Lafarge Construction

Based on the tests carried out on site and both the calculations from PowerKure and our independent calculations it appears that the savings to be realized will actually be higher than those utilized in the projected payback analysis; thereby yielding a faster payback than anticipated

H.H. Angus & Associates Limited, Consulting Engineers, per Husky Injection Molding

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A Benefit to the Environment and Your Bottom Line.

Reduced energy consumption is a savings for everyone.

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The Kyoto Protocol and PowerKure