Voltage Balancing

Current Balancing

Mitigating In-Rush Currents

Stabilizing Over-voltage & Under-voltage

Minimizing Voltage Flicker

Swell & Sag Mitigation

Transient Suppression

Impulse & Spike Protection

Broadband Harmonics Filtration

Power Factor Correction

Brownout Protection

Momentary Supply Interruption Protection

PowerKureTM and the Kyoto Protocol

Frequently Asked Questions



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Impulses & Spikes

Problem: Electrical impulses and spikes can burn out motors, harm computers and lighting and significantly damage plant equipment.

Typical Solution: Traditional surge protectors chop voltage spikes at a preset level and send them to ground.

PowerKureTM Solution:PowerKureTM captures minor surges and recycles them to usable energy. Extreme impulses and spikes are sent to ground.

Guaranteed Savings on Electrical Consumption & Demand

Guaranteed Savings from 3% to 6% - Actual Savings from 3% to 18%