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Power Factor

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Problem: In AC systems with inductive loads, i.e. motors, the current often lags the voltage. This results in low power factor. The voltage wave peaks before the current wave. If both waves are not peaking at the same time there is wasted energy. Additionally, utilities apply a power factor penalty to electric bills if the power factor drops below a predetermined efficiency level.

Typical Solution: The traditional method to improve the power factor is to add capacitor banks. However, capacitor banks can increase resonance, surges, transients, harmonics, and increase KW and KWH as a result of increased motor torque and inrush currents.

PowerKureTM Solution: PowerKureTM can optimize the power factor between .95 and .99 without traditional capacitor banks and their associated side effects. PowerKureTM will monitor the power factor and add capacitance, as needed, to maintain it at a predetermined level.

Guaranteed Savings on Electrical Consumption & Demand

Guaranteed Savings from 3% to 6% - Actual Savings from 3% to 18%