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Frequently Asked Questions



Inrush Currents

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Problem:Voltage may also fluctuate due to large inrush currents caused by motors that draw large currents during startup.

Typical Solution:Minor fluctuations are generally left uncorrected. If significant fluctuations occur, additional capacitor banks can be added and transformers tapped to higher voltages. However, traditional capacitor banks may actually magnify the fluctuations, increase resonance harmonics and destabilize voltage. Additionally, UPS boxes can be installed to protect critical equipment from low voltage sags.

PowerKureTM Solution:PowerKureTM can improve voltage within each phase, decrease fluctuations and allow motors to run more efficiently. Additionally, PowerKureTM uses LRC tank circuits and zigzag reactors to capture and recycle losses as needed.

Guaranteed Savings on Electrical Consumption & Demand

Guaranteed Savings from 3% to 6% - Actual Savings from 3% to 18%