Voltage Balancing

Current Balancing

Mitigating In-Rush Currents

Stabilizing Over-voltage & Under-voltage

Minimizing Voltage Flicker

Swell & Sag Mitigation

Transient Suppression

Impulse & Spike Protection

Broadband Harmonics Filtration

Power Factor Correction

Brownout Protection

Momentary Supply Interruption Protection

PowerKureTM and the Kyoto Protocol

Frequently Asked Questions




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Problem:Most AC electrical equipment in North America is designed for AC electricity at 60 Hz or alternating cycles per second. Any electrical current above 60Hz is called a harmonic. Harmonics are not only wasted power but can also damage equipment.

Typical Solution:Traditional methods of correcting harmonics include capturing the harmonic and sending it to ground or using power to generate the inverse harmonic to cancel out the original harmonic.

PowerKureTM Solution:PowerKureTM captures broadband harmonics or electrical frequencies above 60 Hz and then recycles the wasted electricity back to 60 Hz. This reduces electrical losses and improves equipment longevity.

Guaranteed Savings on Electrical Consumption & Demand

Guaranteed Savings from 3% to 6% - Actual Savings from 3% to 18%