Voltage Balancing

Current Balancing

Mitigating In-Rush Currents

Stabilizing Over-voltage & Under-voltage

Minimizing Voltage Flicker

Swell & Sag Mitigation

Transient Suppression

Impulse & Spike Protection

Broadband Harmonics Filtration

Power Factor Correction

Brownout Protection

Momentary Supply Interruption Protection

PowerKureTM and the Kyoto Protocol

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The PowerKureTM Approach

PowerKureTM is a custom engineered solution designed to minimize and eliminate the power quality problems at a facility. Our approach to power quality consists of the following steps.

Initial Electrical System Survey:During the electrical systems audit, we collect electrical power quality information from the customer's facility. We will gather information about voltage, current, harmonics, power factor, power usage, etc.

Proposal: The audit results will provide us with enough information to determine which loads need to be treated, and if treated, the quantity and cost of the components needed to treat the load. The proposal will also include guaranteed electrical savings after installation.

Link Analysis: The link analysis is a more detailed version of the original audit. At the link analysis we will check the original measurements and any possible variations thereof, identify a more economical and effective method to address the problem(s) and savings, determine the location(s) at the site where the PowerKureTM system will be connected and determine breakers/disconnects, cables, and conduit sizes for the installation.

Design: The actual design of the PowerKureTM system can only begin after a link analysis has been performed. This is similar to a load flow. Measurements are taken on the secondary load side of the main transformer on the common buss as well as each subsequent feeder downstream of the main distribution. This will allow us to determine the optimal placement of the required components, placing some components closer to the individual problem loads.

Installation: PowerKureTM's authorized licensed electrician, or the customer's electrician will then install the required switchgear, breakers, disconnects, cables, etc. PowerKureTM will then assist the electrician with the placement of the actual PowerKureTM unit. Once installed, PowerKureTM will then measure the load and tune the PowerKureTM equipment for optimal performance.

Guaranteed Savings on Electrical Consumption & Demand

Guaranteed Savings from 3% to 6% - Actual Savings from 3% to 18%